Project Name: Delhi Housing Needs Study

Client: Town and Village of Delhi, NY
Location: Delhi, NY
Year: 2020

Project Overview:

The Town and Village of Delhi, NY undertook this project to address an ever-increasing local disparity between community housing needs and the character of the existing housing stock in and around the Town of Delhi. Delhi seeks to present a variety of development concepts that would address specific market deficiencies and, in doing so, position the community to better retain and attract residents.

As part of the project, several issues were examined:

  • Market Assessment to determine the current state of the local housing market.
  • Socioeconomic Analysis to understand local population and income characteristics, and what that indicates for current housing needs, and portends for future housing needs.
  • Community Outreach process to better understand the perspective of local resident and employees
  • The creation of specific Development Concepts that address these needs in a fundable and feasible manner.

Work included creation of 5 distinct site redevelopment plans and included socioeconomic analysis and housing market analysis. The project analysis and concepts are integrated into an online website using ArcGIS StoryMaps to present development concepts to residents and partners local development partners.

*Work performed prior to ExUrban Planning.

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